About Us

Our team set out on a mission shortly after Forge of Empires was unleashed onto mobile devices: to build the best and most accessible cheat engine on the net! We decided that after using our custom built hack to max several accounts, it was time to let the public have access to our amazing cheat engine. Before we collaborated together as a team, we we’re just a group of friends that happened to all enjoy Forge of Empires. We all thoroughly enjoyed the game at the beginning. As time carried on however, we all became annoyed with constantly waiting around for more resources to spawn in the game, so we sought out a solution.

At first, we searched through countless other Forge of Empires hacks. After several bad downloads and device hard resets, we knew that finding a reliable program was going to be next to impossible, so our team made up our minds. With a combination of a strong urge to find a way to hack Forge of Empires and some programming knowledge, we went to work. After several prototypes and various app builds, we realized, even though we could pull it off this way, most users on the internet are very skeptical about downloading applications they weren’t sure about. That is what pushed us to create an online format of our hack tools. Not only does keeping our Forge of Empires cheats running as an online program simplify its use, it allows us to keep our users minds at ease while using our cheat engine.